Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mother May I Coming March 16th!

Love will launch the mother of all battles.

Grateful Knight is one stressed out witch. Not only has she failed to restore her caretaker, Rick, from an evil witch’s mind-control spell, but the loss he endured extends well beyond his memory. To make matters worse, compensating for his absence could cost her the job she loves and the strength she needs.

When a new supernatural threat leaves Grateful for dead, a vampire ally saves her life but at a price. Her assailant's calling card makes it clear she’s marked for death, possibly by her goddess mother. With the help of her half-sister Polina, can Grateful gain the power she needs to win Rick back and beat the goddess at her own game?

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Coming 11/12: Tempt You Box Set! Preorder NOW!

Everyone is asking me about Mother May I, Book 4 in the Knight Games series.  I'm working hard and it will be here March 2015. While you wait, I have a deal for you. 

From 9 bestselling authors, a boxed set of novels ranging from Naughty to Nice and everything in between! These 9 sweet and spicy stories will TEMPT YOU to fall in love—or lust! Either way, you won't be able to stop turning the pages.

You've already read Ghost and the Graveyard, now get eight more books to try for a super low price. 

Tempt You: A Naughty & Nice Collection

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Queen of The Hill Coming June 30th

I'm beyond excited to tell you that Queen of the Hill, Book 3 in the Knight Games series, is finished and at the editor. This book is crammed full of danger, suspense, intrigue, action and good ol' sexy times. I can't wait to share it with you!

June 30th is the release date for all formats. Here's a glimpse at what's coming!

After saving her caretaker, Rick, from certain death, Grateful Knight is ready for their happily ever after. The date is set and wedding plans are in the works. But when the witch responsible for the candle that almost ended Rick's life shows up in Red Grove expecting payment, the price is more than Grateful can bear. To make matters worse, Logan is barely speaking to her, and a murder at the Thames Theater leaves everyone reeling over the future of Julius’s vampire coven. She’s finally ready to walk down the aisle, but first Grateful must face the greatest challenge of her life.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kick The Candle Available Everywhere!

Kick the Candle, the sword swinging, boot kicking, and ├╝ber sexy second book in the Knight Games series (formerly Monk's Hill Witch series) is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo, and All Romance eBooks!

And don't forget to spread the word that Ghost and the Graveyard is currently FREE for a limited time. Currently #5 on Amazon and #4 on iTunes, people are LOVING this original, kick a$$ heroine. There's no better time to get to know Grateful Knight!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kick The Candle Available 9/9!

Kick The Candle, Book 2 in the Knight Games series (formerly known as the Monk's Hill Witch series) will be released on September 9th!  This book has all the heat of book 1 with even more intense action, mystery, and romance. You can already pre-order at Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and All Romance Ebooks.  

Commitment phobic, Grateful Knight has her hands full. While she struggles to understand her new role as Monk's Hill Witch, evil isn't waiting for her to come up to speed. Not only is there an increase in supernatural activity in her ward, she’s being evicted from her home, breaking in a snarky new familiar, and trying to sort out her feelings for her metaphysically connected and immortal boyfriend, Rick.

When Grateful foils a murder at a fae bordello, she uncovers a plot by a local vampire coven to obtain a secret weapon with the power to control both the living and the dead. History is threatening to repeat itself. And if Grateful doesn't give herself over to her role completely, it could cost her everything.

Friday, May 24, 2013

$100 Gift Card Giveaway From Random Moon Books!

Random Moon Books is celebrating our ONE YEAR Anniversary! Genevieve Jack is proud to be associated with these talented authors. Find out more about Random moon here. You can even meet our pets! 

Do you feel lucky? We certainly do. We've had a great year of connecting with readers who share our passion for a variety of reads. We're an eclectic mix - romance, paranormal, mystery, suspense - we've got a story for you.   And right now, we've also got a $100 Amazon Gift card for you if you help us spread the word! One lucky winner will be chosen on June 18, 2013.  

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